What Our Clients Say

"Museum quality rugs, outstanding knowledge and multilingual utterly kind service."

This emporium in the heart of a very professional medina in Marrakesh is actually one of the few merchants who doesn't sell to you. His rugs do the selling. They sell themselves. Believe me we were looking for a small wonder and we found a unique piece (they all are actually) that I have never seen before. Our bank card had a hiccup, but we sorted it out and friendly chatter and invitations to lunch were extended, but not sadly, taken and transport with porter was arranged and kindly given for free back to our hotel. Mr Habib, who is a gifted and well travelled, cultured polyglot, married to a European, is a font of knowledge in all things relating to the Orient and seems fascinated by his own culture. More power to him and the proud owner of Les Nomades de Marrakesh.

Catherine V. from London, United Kingdom

“Fabulous location to visit or buy Moroccan Berber Rugs”

"This merchant was selected by our Overseas Adventure Travel group because they are reputable and provide great information as well as sales. We were treated to a tour of the location, tea & cookies, and then a presentation about many different kinds of rugs. Several of us were interested in buying a rug, so we were given lots of options. The store is fixed price, and I thought the prices were within a reasonable margin. On top of that, we were given a 10% discount. I'm not sure if that is because the travel group often visits this merchant or it is a part of their practice. I LOVED many of the rugs. Each one has a unique story. There is a lot of symbolism in the carpets, and different tribes in the mountains produce different types of rugs. The sales staff are really professional and put on quite a show. Once you show interest, they aim to please. They were able to go in back and pull out many different sizes and variations on the rug I wanted. 

After I bought the rug, they packaged it up. The rug is large, but I was still able to put it into my suitcase and carry it home. They did give the option, though, if you want to have the rug shipped in lieu of the 10% discount. I emailed them today to ask for a little more information about my rug, and the response was very quick. I actually wish I had bought a second rug now. The color is so vibrant - and all natural. There are no synthetics in the rugs. All are made of agave silk, cotton, or wool. Take a look at the picture of me, Abdul, and my rug. Such fun and definitely my favorite purchase from our trip!!!"

Lynette from Grand Rapids, Michigan

"The best way of taking home a genuine piece of Marrakech."

Coming here is like an Aladin's Cave of carpets. Carpets from floor to ceiling. There wasn't one square inch of space that wasn't taken up with amazing carpets. Our tour guide brought us here and at first i thought i had been set up for a hard sell. But the owner was lovely and went out of his way to display his many carpets without seeming to be forcing a sale. It became a master class with histories and sources given on all carpets shown. We did end up buying a carpet but we where so glad we did! Its the best way of taking home a genuine piece of Marrakech.

Ernesto M. from Milawa, Australia